Oasis Friday Bulletin13: GOD IS ABLE

The Church Must Pray to God for the Other Belivers

At that time King Herod caused terrible suffering for some members of the church. (2) He ordered soldiers to cut off the head of James, the brother of John. (5)
While Peter was being kept in jail, the church never stopped praying to God for him. Acts 12:1-2,5 CEV

As the body of Christ we may suffer some terrible problems and challenges.
The body of Christ is going to suffer some prosecution. But we must never give up and we must continue in prayer to the LORD. In verse 5 the church continued to pray.
When one of my brother suffers or is being persecuted it’s not time for me to laugh at them and start to question if they really believe in God. It might be that it’s a test for their faith. It’s better to pray for the restoration for that person. The Church prayed.
I believe that as a body of Christ we must turn our hearts to the saints and believers that are suffering. Let’s not try to ignore those that suffer.
Make time today to pray for 5 minutes for the people working to spread the gospel worldwide.
Stay blessed.
Only Believe and Keep the Faith
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  1. GeorgesBlog

    We have to be what we are, wherever we are. We pray because that is who and what we are in fellowship, one with another. It’s personal and supportive.

    October 14, 2009