Oasis Friday Bulletin13: ENEMIES OF SUCCESS 01

Waiting is painful.
I remember when my wife was having our first child (Caleb), I was there in the room with her waiting for her to deliver. It was not easy – the monitors were strapped on her to monitor the baby and her and for me it was like let’s get the baby out already. When the contractions start I could not bare it for her. But we had to wait until the time the baby was ready to come it was a Wednesday 1 June 2005 about 09h35 when Caleb was born.

This experience was really a nice one for me and I manage to go to the theater with her what an experience. One thing I learned was to be patient and at Gods own time things work out for our good. Praise God…

Jesus waited for the right time to start doing His miracles. He was tempted to prematurely start his ministry by the devil in the wilderness. Only God knows, if Jesus had to give in on the temptations, what could have happened to the world today.

Abraham waited for a long time before Isaac was born. He had to wait for 40 years to get his promised son. He was called the Father of nations yet he had only one son!

One of the greatest mistakes we make is that waiting and getting tired means we have no faith. I believe that Abraham waited and got tired but still had faith in the Lord. At times we may also get tired and weary but the bible says
…those who trust the LORD will find new strength. They will be strong like eagles soaring upward on wings; they will walk and run without getting tired. Isaiah 40:31 CEV
Sometimes we indeed get tired because we are waiting on the wrong things. We must ask God for wisdom to be able to wait for the right things and for the right reasons.

That is why the bible calls him the father of Faith:
… on the principle of faith, … which is of Abraham's faith, who is father of us all,
Romans 4:16 Darby

Lord I have waited for so many years to be rich. I give my tithe and offering all the time but I see no breakthrough. WAIT on the LORD.
Lord I have waited for so many years to get married. WAIT on the LORD.
Lord I have waited for so many years to get a good job. WAIT on the LORD.
Lord I have waited for too long to be promoted. WAIT on the LORD.
Never give up. WAIT on the LORD. Never lose your faith Trust in the LORD and He will establish you.

Abraham compromised because he had waited for too long.
and Sarai said to Abram, "The LORD has not given me any children. Sleep with my slave, and if she has a child, it will be mine." Abram agreed, Genesis 16:2 CEV

The marriage is not coming I will just eat wipe my mouth pretend nothing happened and God will understand. It’s a noble thing to marry as a virgin.

You must also be careful who give you advice and counsel. I always say any one can give advice but few people will give you wise and godly counsel.

In the waiting God wants to see if you trust in Him.
One day I told a certain sister that the work you are in though you are being moved around too much even reaching a point to serve people who are suppose to be your juniors in the work place. Be patient I believe that god is teaching you something. The person said but I don’t see what more I can learn in this situation. Remember that God knows all things.

The fruit of impatience is that you will breed Ishmaels (Wild donkeys)
The bible says that Ishmael will become like a wild or untamed donkey:

But your son will live far from his relatives; he will be like a WILD DONKEY, fighting everyone, and everyone fighting him." Genesis 16:12 CEV

He will be as free and wild as an UNTAMED DONKEY. He will fight with everyone, and everyone will fight with him. He will have conflicts with all his relatives."
Genesis 16:12 GW

Now a wild donkey is somebody or something that you can not control:
Sister wait for a Christian brother to come along. Don’t settle for a wild donkey – you can not tame a wild donkey. You will be frustrated and will regret for having to settle for less.
You want to get rich fast and you find yourself joining some money making schemes that will clean you out. It’s because we are experiencing this credit crunch I have to find a way to make money - don’t be deceived the devil will entice you and bring you down.
I pray that you will not experience any hardships and that God will deliver you into His loving arms because you are waiting on Him.
God says I would like you to travel in a limo for the rest of your life but you say oh Lord as for me I love the donkey cart I will put in a carpet and a fridge in the donkey cart. You will see that a donkey cart will be limited in what you can put in and what it can carry and most of all it will be slow. God has prepared a limo for you which will have these entire things as standard. Somebody say YES! I will go for the limo.
In Gods time you will do greater things and obtain greater things. Jesus waited for the right time although tempted.
Jesus waited for the time when he could feed the five thousand people

There were about five thousand men in the crowd. … Jesus took the five loaves and the two fish. He looked up toward heaven and blessed the food. Then he broke the bread and fish and handed them to his disciples to give to the people.
(Luke 9:14-16 CEV)

The devil wanted him to relinquish this opportunity by feeding himself.
The devil said to Jesus, "If you are God's Son, tell this stone to turn into bread."  (Luke 4:3 CEV)

May we never give in and give up the blessing that God has for us by settling in for less.
Always wait for God to take and make the first Step
When God has take the first step of any journey then you are able to make the rest of the moves by yourself. May God always make the first move in your life and you can follow Him at all times.
God Bless you - Oasis– (Only Believe and Keep the Faith)

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